A Rewarding Career as a Coach or Apprentice Coach

Nothing has brought me more Happiness and Joy than seeing my clients living their Success

What is Good Coaching?

The Whole Person


Coaching a specific 'niche' makes little sense because  a person cannot be separated into those segments. 

'Niches' are for coaches that have only limited experience in only one area of Humanity.

Our Apprentice Coach Training Program covers the Whole Person and not just one segment..

The Working World


Business is a significant part of most people's lives.

There is no such thing as 'business' without people and those Human Beings that bring business to life, bring their whole person, issues, successes and all, to work and they take their new issues and successes home with them.

Business Coaching - done effectively,  is Life, Relationship and Spirituality Coaching combined

- as seen in our 1 year Apprentice Coach Training Program -

Your Outcome


Everything that we Human Beings do, is effected by our 'Mind Health'.

An unhealthy mind causes poor mental health such as anxiety, depression and stress.

A Healthy Mind leads to good Mental Health.

With Good Mental Health comes 

Physical / Spiritual (Life Energy) 


Build Your Mind Health starting with decision making skills that build Confidence. 

The Results: People who are Happy in all areas of Life. 

Become a respected Coach

In this 2 minute video -Meet Master Coach John Verway.

Then in a one hour Workshop for Just €7 you can gain Life Skills that can build Your Confidence and to discover if you would enjoy a career with us as a Life, Business, Spirituality, Relationship and Wellness Coach.

Our Apprentice Coach Training program creates the opportunity for you to 'Earn while You Learn' as you become skilled i the many aspects of being a Coach.