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Q - I want to do a Workshop but how do I deal with the stigma that accompanies any conversation about Mental Health?


A - It  will be welcome news that our Workshop is the polar opposite of any typical mental health, wellness or Training conversation.

Old conversations about Mental Health can automatically trigger thoughts about psychology, psychiatry, medication and cause people to question their own sanity

This is where our Workshop differs. Participants understand that the definition of ‘insanity’ is to do the same things over but expect different results. There is no 'same old ways' as we take a new and logical path to lead the way to Empowerment.

It is recommended that you introduce the Workshop as

 ‘A Journey to Discover and Use our Hidden Human Strengths’.

Q - Some participants may be on medication or are undergoing treatment for mental health related issues. Can they participate in the workshop?

  A – As a guideline, we suggest that any person who is capable of working can and should attend but if they are off work by Doctor’s orders then they should speak with their Physician to see if they can participate in the training or not. People should also have the option to leave if they feel that the wellness workshop is not in alignment with their core beliefs.   

Some people may not be ready for any change at all.and we should respect their rights.


Q - How do I know if this is the best workshop for our company and our goals?


A – While the majority of psychological and medical methods have proven to be ineffective, as shown by the steady increase in Mental Health issues, some companies have chosen to add physical fitness programs as a way to improve mental health. 

Let’s use an old, crumbling building as an analogy; we can compare the medical approaches with making temporary repairs to that building and ‘physical fitness would be the equivalent of making a few repairs and cleaning the windows. Our workshop is the equivalent of creating a solid foundation from which each participant can then make permanent improvements.

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Q - Couldn’t I just read a book about Mental Health Awareness to get results?


A – As Human Beings we have phenomenal power and self help is at the core of our Wellness Workshop. Anyone can build empowered Mental Health but as the last centuries have shown us, very few people reach a level of self-understanding where they could escape a life of anxiety or other issues.

The questions we’ve developed for our training and the conversations that come from the participants’ engagement in these questions lead to a new understanding and growth, even for those who participate silently.


Q - Should Participants take notes and study afterwards for the Workshop to be effective?

  A – Note taking is a distraction and takes away from the opportunities to learn by doing.

The workshop is designed in such a way that participants get the most value when they engage in the questions and conversations either vocally or silently by listening. By the end of the workshop, participants will have learned, tried, practiced and internalized some of the various tools needed to create their own empowerment and come away with a new empowerment over their lives.

Additional coaching is available and will help people as they reach new challenges. 


Q - What is the difference between a 2 hour ‘one on one’ Workshop and the 1 and 2 day group Workshops?

  A – The 1 on 1 workshop can serve two purposes. 1) this is a great way for a person to try the workshop before committing to a Corporate Wellness Workshop and 2) many people want to have a private workshop where they can ask  questions they are not comfortable asking in a more public setting. 

A Few Final - Q & A's


Q – How should Participants prepare for a Workshop?

  A – It is advisable for Participants  to be well rested so they get the most value from their time in the Wellness Workshop as they get training to help others, as well as themselves to build empowering metal health. 

The conversations are new for them and that takes attention and energy to absorb and put into practice.


Q - What typically happens in a Workshop?

  A – We start the Workshop with a high-level overview of Human progress and then work towards the key components within the first two hours. 

This training approach creates the opportunity for participants to get the Wellness Tools so they can start to practice them during the workshop and leave with practical, effective and empowering life changes from their engagement.


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