This is for those who want to SECRETLY change their Work Env

The Escape Room Mission

Fulfillment and Happiness have been missing at your Workplace for far too long - Your ideas have been ignored and you and your co-workers feel unappreciated. Your bosses and managers are stuck in the dark ages.

It's time for You and a couple of close Co-Workers to Take Action - Secretly. Go to the Briefing Room for Just €7

The 'Workplace - Escape Room' Goals

Enter the Hideout


Your Workplace hides the Spirits of Great Human Beings under their Cloaks of Fear, disguised as Owners, Managers and Co-workers. 

Your Team's mission is to bring those Human Spirits out into the open.

Find the Achille's Heel


By bringing in the tools you've gathered in the Online 2 hr Escape Room Briefing, You'll know how to overcome the cloaks of managers and co-workers to set their Spirits free.

Rescue the Human Spirit


 Your Team has accomplished the Main Goal of this 'Workplace Escape Room' when the Human Spirits emerge from their cloaks  to Participate in the Transformed Business Culture that You and Your Team began.

Clue - Change comes when we Understand 'Life' - What is Life

The 'Escape Room' is Ready for Your Team

Tips for Selecting Your 'Workplace Escape Room' Team

As the Leader, You'll want to carefully select 2 - 5  of your co-workers from your Workplace to join  your Team using the Tips for Team Building

Together you'll become a strong Team, supporting each other by using the tools and methods learned in the Briefing.

Tips for Team Building


Know their Heart

You want Your Team Members to be in alignment with the Goal of creating Better Workplace Wellness for Everyone at your company. - including 'The Cloaks'.

It's OK if they have anxiety, fear, worry and depression.

That's all covered in the Briefing and they will love it..


Are They Ready For Change?

'Transformation' means that Wellness will improve in your workplace. People will start to respect everyone's input and ideas. Managers and Owners will lose their fear of your Great Ideas. They'll Appreciate your Leadership Initiatives and Abilities.

Reduced Anxiety, Depression and Stress will be visible.

Your Team Members must have the same desire for Improvements in their Workplace as You have if change is to occur.


Spirit - The Real 'Gut' Instinct


The Best Team Members are people who already understand that 

Wellness at work is important.

Discover how our Spiritual - Life Energy - Tools, 

such as Gut Instinct, work. 



Workplace Escape Room Online Briefing


Gain Access to the Secret Entrance where Members can update, refresh and practice with the tools they received in the Escape Room Briefing.