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Your Good Decisions Create a Good Life

The 'Decision Workshop' - a wise Choice



Are decisions difficult for you to make?

Has the lack of clarity caused you anxiety or depression?

Is it time to get Clarity?


The Right Solution


Discover how the Natural Thought Process is supposed to work and how people have been trained to ignore it.

 Making Good Decisions is fast and Easy - once you have the right perspective and tools. 

The 'Decision Workshop'


Visit our 1 hr Online 'Decision Workshop' and come away with the Clarity that has been missing from your life.

 This can be the best €7 you've ever spent but is available Only During this Limited Time Offer - Reg. €100

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1 Hour €7 Group Workshops

Coaching Tip; A New Life starts through a new perspective -

Your Goal is to Change The Wellness in your Organization -


Cluttered Minds sink ships.

The first step in any Personal and Personnel Wellness Program is to gain Clarity.

Without Clarity - Programs fail


Mental Clarity leads to Physical and Mental Fitness


Physical fitness does not lead to complete and Long term Mental Fitness

- Human Beings Resist CHANGE -


People resist change - Except when the change is their own idea.

Your Workshop starts by creating clarity around 'thought'.

This is followed by interactive questions, conversations and practice.

 The result is Long term mental clarity - Mind Clutter is Gone

This opens the way for people to Discover and Live their Purpose with Passion 

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

International Coach John Verway Speaking at an event in Europe

Q - I want to organize a Workshop but how do I deal with the stigma surrounding Mental Health?


A – As You know, the Stigma surrounding Mental Health exists because every conversation on this topic can automatically trigger thoughts about psychology, psychiatry, medication and cause people to question their own sanity.

This is where our Workshop differs.

We provide a practical and effective long term Positive change in Wellness by coaching people how to eliminate mind clutter. There is no need to suppress or avoid thought and there is no need for Hypnotherapy.

Q - Who can attend Our Workshops and Retreats


A – As a guideline, we suggest that any person who is capable of working can and should attend but if they are off work by Doctor’s orders then they should speak with their Physician to see if they can participate or not. People should attend on their own free will.

Some people may not be ready for any change at all but often a new perspective is all that is needed to bring long term changes.

Q - How do I know if this is the best workshop for our company and our goals?


A – This Workshop is for people and companies who want more than just the appearance of progress. 

While the majority of psychological and medical methods have proven to be ineffective, as shown by the steady increase in Mental Health issues, some companies have resorted to add physical fitness programs as a temporary way to get started in improving mental health. 

An example will help;

Let’s use an old, crumbling building as an analogy; we can compare the existing medical approaches to making temporary repairs to that building.

‘Physical fitness would be the equivalent of making a few repairs and cleaning the windows. 

Our workshop is the equivalent of creating a solid foundation where each participant can then make permanent improvements.

It must be recognized that some people may not be ready for any change at all. We can provide the perspective, the tools and the guidance but each individual has the right to choose their own direction in life.

Q - Couldn’t I just read a book about Mental Health Awareness to get results?

  A – There are many theoretical paths to success and very few practical paths.

As Human Beings we have phenomenal power.  Discovering how to use this  is at the core of our Workshop. 

Anyone can build empowered Mental Health but as the last centuries have shown us, very few people reach a level of self-understanding where they could escape a life of anxiety or other issues.

The questions we’ve developed and the conversations that come from the participants’ engagement in these questions lead to a new understanding and growth, even for those who participate silently.

Q - Should Participants take notes and study afterwards for the Workshop to be effective?


A – While people are free to take notes if they wish, note taking is a distraction and takes away from the opportunities to learn by doing.

The workshop is designed in such a way that participants get the most value when they engage in the questions and conversations either vocally or silently by listening. By the end of the workshop, participants will have learned, tried, practiced and internalized some of the various tools needed to create their own empowerment and come away with a new empowerment over their lives.

Additional coaching is available and will help people as they reach new challenges. 

Q - What is the difference between a 2 hour ‘one on one’ Workshop and the 1 and 2 day group Worksh


A – The 1 on 1 workshop can serve two purposes. 1) this is a great way for a person to try the workshop before committing to a corporate workshop and 2) many people want to have a private workshop where they can ask questions they are not comfortable asking in a more public setting. 

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A Healthy New Perspective to curing Anxiety, Depression and Stress comes in the iEMH Mental Health Awareness Workshops that are now available in the UK, EU and North America.

Discover iEMH Corporate Wellness Workshops

Contact Coach John Verway at +49 151 2440 1730 (text to schedule please) for details.

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You want Master Coach John Verway  on your Team when it comes to Improving  Corporate Wellness and reducing Mental Clutter.

Does Your Company focus on People or Profit?


Visit our 1 hr Online 'Decision Workshop' and come away with the Clarity for making decisions that has been missing from your life.

This can be the best €7 you've ever spent but is available Only During this Limited Time Offer - Reg. €100

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1 Hour €7 Group Workshops

How to Improve Workplace Mental Health

Welcome to the World of Coaching

See what our clients have to say in the video and also below .

Click on the Video + Meet Jackie

When we change our view of the world then we change our reality. 

All it takes is the willingness  to change, but most important - is an understanding of what needs to change.

As we all know, Human Beings are creatures of  habit plagued by the illusion of being in a  comfort zone when in fact that comfort is nothing more than  a frustrating circular treadmill.

Hear what my client Jackie has to say after our initial Coaching session here in this short video clip.

More From my Clients and Apprentice Coaches


- From one of my International Business Clients who .......

.... has the support of the Canadian Government in a massive Canadian - African Project  -    Thank you so much, John. I appreciate your humble self and appreciate your experience and time taken to show the way, shine the light and help create and build leadership qualities in me. Surely words aren't enough to say how I feel. Thanks again.

- From a Business Client in a leading edge Business

 - Since starting the work with you I have changed the way I think about business development. Now I feel that I can generate as much business as I choose. I meet people, talk to them and they want to talk more. I believe that this is a manifestation of a change in me and I attribute it to conversations with you. It’s not easy to measure it, but I feel differently. I feel that accumulating business is doable, if not easy.

- From another Business Client

 - Thanks for sending the recap below and for your coaching! I enjoyed our sessions.

- And another that conveys John's coaching style and methods well -

   I really appreciated how you patiently conveyed the elements I needed to know and also that you didn't cover things I already knew. As a result, our conversations felt very tailored to me and not from a script. I really feel like I received value from our sessions. In fact, I was caught a bit off guard when you would ask me if I was getting value from our sessions because in my mind I was thinking "well, of course, I'm getting value!".

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Boost Morale in your Company through increased 'personnel' Happiness

Let the Experience  that Coach John Verway has gained in 46 years of building 14 of his own businesses, 34 years of marriage and family  and coaching thousands of people, guide you to your Success with Less Work, More Peace and Measurable Results. 

Your Success in Business and Your Success in Life starts with coach training. Through the skills taught in our coaching course, gain control over the outcome in Life, Love and in Business. 

Working with Coach John can show you the framework so that you can create your Own Version of Your Success Easily and Faster. 


Coaching and Workshops

Generational Business Culture Transformation  is not out of reach.

Group and Private Mental Health Coaching Workshops Create Valuable Experiences as Business Owners, and Apprentice Coaches Transform into Business Leaders through executive coaching.

We Coach and Guide you towards Your Goal


During the Coaching Course You can make solid progress during the year without skipping over the critical details that lead to lasting Success.

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